What You Need to Know When CBD Is Not Working for You?


Cannabidiol (CBD) is an amazing compound that is derived naturally from the hemp plants. CBD is promising in treating various health ailments from anxiety to cancer. Many users swear that CBD has helped them relieve from bouts of pain and inflammation, mood swings, and insomnia.

CBD has been considered a wonderful alternative to prescribed pills that cause undesired negative side effects. You can benefit from this natural remedy in various forms like oil, tincture, chocolates, sparkling water, and you even get CBD vape that gives you faster bioavailability.

Though limited researches were done on the efficacy of CBD, studies and anecdotal evidences support the healing properties of CBD in treating various health issues. Hemp derived CBD doesn’t cause you the high effect since hemp plants have higher concentration of CBD with traces of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, which is less than 0.3%.

THC has the psychoactive property of marijuana that causes you the high effect. Hence, you must be sure, while purchasing a CBD product, that you are buying hemp derived CBD.

Many people claim that they have used CBD but didn’t get the benefits. They are confused whether CBD works or not. People are wondering whether CBD is a natural remedy or a hype. In this article you will get an idea about factors involved in making CBD doesn’t work for you.

Why CBD May Not Work For You?

Type Of CBD Oil

CBD oil is available in three forms. Full spectrum, Broad spectrum and CBD isolate. It is important to know the difference between these types before choosing a CBD product for you. Research shows that full spectrum and broad spectrum can offer you higher levels of relief when compared to CBD isolate.

Wrong Dosage

There is no standard dosage for everyone. By trial and error, you need to find the optimal dosage. If you are suffering from chronic pain, a higher dose of CBD will be needed to recover. Dosage also depends on weight, age, genetics, metabolism and stress level. Start with a lower dosage and increase over time until you get the desired result.

Wrong Format Of CBD

Effectiveness of CBD differs for the way you consume it. How much of CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream differs with each delivery system. For example, taking CBD tincture sublingually provides you higher bioavailability since it is not metabolized through liver.

However, you don’t get the same effect with tincture when you add the oil to your food or beverages. And this is the case with all CBD edibles. The bioavailability is only between 4-20%.

Vaping CBD enters bloodstream directly through lungs and provides you immediate results.

CBD topicals are great way to get relief from skin ailments in the particular affected area.

According to your purpose choose the best delivery system.

Quality Of Product

The quality of your CBD product plays a vital role in offering you the desired result. More companies are out there who sell ingenuine products to reap a profit. When you shop for CBD product do your research to know that the company is using organic hemp crops without any pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Go for products from companies that provide third party test that guarantees the quality and safety of the product. Just CBD Store is one such genuine company that provides original CBD products to its customers.