All You Need To Know About A Web-Authoring Application


People often opt for web-authoring applications than rely on HTML or any other programming language based website. This kind of software known as “what you see is what you get” editor allows users to create webpages that consist of a graphical interface such as a word-processing program.

It is a webpage fully based on your browser without you having to install or download any additional software. It can be used by anyone in the service industry, trying to provide their services online.

If you are looking to make your web-authoring application as a lawyer, then the best option is VisiRule. This is an easy-to-use and quick-to-learn authoring tool that allows lawyers to provide personalized assistance, content, and supervision through a state-of-the-art legal expert system.

This graphical tool allows lawyers to share their guidance as a self-service system through the digital world even without the worry of hiring programmers. VisiRule invites innovation and digitization in the world of legal services.

Advantages of using web-authoring applications

The following are the benefits of using web-authoring applications instead of the traditional language-based websites.

  • Easy to use: The most important advantage it provides is its simplicity. There is no need for any additional skills; anyone with basic technical skills will be able to operate it easily. You don’t have to learn HTML or Java to create a functioning website. You just point and click to complete the webpage design.
  • Save time: Another benefit is that it saves a lot of time. This WYSIWYG editor can help save a substantial amount of time where they provide a variety of options that you can simply pick from. You create your content, use the graphical tools and layouts provided, and establish the page. Doing all this from scratch using HTML would be more time-consuming.
  • Draw your knowledge: In a simple process, you can draw your knowledge by adding boxes, editing the content, and linking it together. You can fasten your drawing by cloning elements together and also add a question prompt and explanation by using a tabbed dialog.
  • Full canvas: You can use different graphical tools to style the texts, lines, and nodes. You can make the canvas as colorful and animated as you want.

Disadvantages of using web-authoring applications

The following are a few drawbacks of using the web-authoring applications as an alternative to traditional websites.

  • Limited options

One drawback is that it limits the designer’s options. There are pre-made templates that make your work easier but it also limits the customizations for the look and feels. You might not be able to create a webpage as professional or as original as you want it to be. Furthermore, you might not be able to use video, Flash, or other web-design elements.

  • Reliance on the application

The use of the web-authoring application could make you fully reliant on them. If the program crashes or is unavailable for some time, you cannot create another website. However, with traditional websites, you can edit the code a little and finish your work.


The above-mentioned information shows the pros and cons of using this new application. You could try it out if you don’t have prior coding experience.

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