How to Sell Your Ringtones Online and Make Money


Making and selling ringtones is a great method to earn some extra income. If you are thinking of how to sell ringtones on iTunes, then let me tell you that it is quite simple. You can either create your music into a ringtone or edit some popular songs of your choice.

In this article, let’s talk about the ways of how you can create a ringtone.

What is a ringtone?

A ringtone is a form of audio, that could be either your music recordings or made from a part of any popular song. They are generally less than thirty seconds in length and comprise of the popular parts of the music/song.

Method to make a ringtone on your own

It is easy to create sell ringtones. You would need to software or a digital aggregator to convert any music into ringtones. MusicDigi is one of the popular ringtones that can assist you in converting any music into ringtones. Using catchy clips, you can easily develop a profitable business.

Abide by the laws

A majority of ringtones that are made are from popular artists. So, when you sell ringtones, you need to ensure that it should not violate the laws. You should not sell any part of their music without their consent or the owner’s authorization.

If you wish to create ringtones using the song tracks, or works of any other artist, you need to talk to the creator or the licensing firm to prevent violating the copyright rule.

How does MusicDigi help you sell ringtones?

Places to sell your Ringtones

If you have a fabulous ringtone that has the potential to attract people all over the world, then you will need to share as well as sell them to millions of phones throughout the world. It is one of the great ways for making money selling ringtones.

There are several popular ringtone websites where you can create and sell your ringtones. MusicDigi is one of the popular stores that let you accomplish this task.

  • It a software that enables you to transform any section of audio into ringtones followed by selling them through ringtone store of Apple Music.
  • You make money in the form of royalties out of it whenever any person downloads or purchases your music.
  • MusicDigi is a simplified means that provides a facility to musicians to get their music on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, TIDAL, and a dozen other key streaming services all over the world.

Features of MusicDigi

  • MusicDigi is a reliable service that helps music artists to upload their music into digital streaming services and online music stores.
  • This service collects royalties and payments and sends earnings to artists.
  • At a nominal fee, you are going to benefit from immense publicity.
  • This is the best service mainly for aspiring music artists to make a great start in their careers.


If you love music, then you will find it quite easy and interesting to make and sell any type of digital goods that includes songs, and ringtones.

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