Steps to follow while cleaning and maintaining Water hog floor mats


Waterhog floor mats are one among the various mats that are a commercial and industry frontrunner. As a result, they are widespread because of their varieties, eco-friendliness, and reliability. Also, it is suitable for wet weather conditions and useful for indoors and outdoors. It has a water dam border that can bear around 1.5 tons of water per four-sided yard. The lifespan of waterlog mats is 3-4 years, and with consistent washing and maintenance, you can upsurge the life of it by 2-3 times.

Waterhog mats come in various types such as Classic diamond mats, modular tiles mats, masterpiece select entrance mats, Eco grand premier mats, etc.

Cleaning mats can be furious as they can contain tons of dirt and debris. So, to keep the appearance of your doors dazzling, we specifically may require proper steps and methods to clean and maintain the mats.

Below are some of the methods you can use for cleaning water hog mats.

Shaking out the mat

For cleaning the mats, shake them up before rinsing the dry dust and debris. If there is no water in it, you can shake the mat often for cleaning it within a short period. But ensure that you shake it in the distance so that no dust can get in your eyes. Also, make sure that the dust must not stick to the floor or the Walls of the buildings while you shake off the mat.

Vacuum cleaner

By consistently hovering mats, you can maintain your rugs for a more extended period. For daily maintenance, you can use a dry or wet vacuum cleaner. In this way, there is no dirt or dust left in it. Dry Mats should be vacuumed as a minimum each day. If there is heavy traffic and mats are getting dirty, consider vacuum-cleaning more than once a day. It is way easier with an upright vacuum or backpack bag. Make sure you have the vacuum on the lowest setting if you are using an upright vacuum. The Waterhog rug has a flat surface, so the dirt is below the surface. When using a backpack bag, use a non-notch nozzle head to increase attraction.

Hosing off or pressure washing

Some applications where soiling is heavier will require hosing and pressure washing to get the water out of the mat entirely cleaned. Wet mats must be hosed off as it requires thorough cleaning. To hose off the water hog mats, thoroughly wash the mats using the light to medium position nozzle and move it across the mat surface. Hosing off will be beneficial to pull off all the dirt, debris, and dust from it. You can also use a mild detergent to clean the mat thoroughly and hang them to dry.

Bottom Line

Waterhog mats are popular entrance mats. Also, they offer many benefits and features. It comes in 9 colors and is highly versatile. There are various steps to clean the Waterhog mats. But the above-discussed methods are popularly used to clean the Waterhog mats. You can use more methods depending upon the stains, dirt, or dust you have on your mats.