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We are interested in designers and developers of all skill levels. We are searching for CSS writers that have experience working with JavaScript, Python, Rust, Web Assembly, React, Figma, or Tailwind.

If you are not a writer but are interested in technology, we would appreciate it if you would get in touch with us. Are you able to write English drafts and provide assistance to developers? We would want to discuss the possibility of contributing to your project (and helping you learn the ropes of technical content along the way).

We are always looking for talented new members to add to our team and would love to hear from you! We would appreciate it if you would explain both your concept and your excitement.

Tips For People Who Are New To Technical Content

If you are new to the field of technical writing, you should take the following recommendations into mind.

  • The information in your post has to be true and backed up by extensive study. You must prove your statements.
  • Secondly, it should be comprehensible and plain; our audience wants tales that are condensed. 
  • Our audience prefers condensed narratives.
  • It is vital to offer explanations of difficult topics to persons who are not experts in the field. And make them clickable so that users may access them.
  • Bear in mind that having a good sense of humor might be beneficial! Even if the essay is dull, we hope that our readers will still find it interesting.

You’ll be able to start contributing to Froglinks.org very quickly if you can keep these recommendations in mind. Your presentations are highly exciting.

We Are Seeking Ideas

We are searching for developers, designers, content producers, and digital innovators so that we may write about the most recent innovations in technology.

Gains For Contributors To The Cause

We believe that everyone should be compensated properly for their job, and we do all in our power to maintain competitive pricing.

Before being included to your website, the content you provide goes through an intensive editing process. You can rely on the expertise of our editors to help you write an article that is clear, well-organized, and well-supported by comprehensive research.

We will promote your work on social media and in our newsletter in order to reach a larger audience and get more people interested in what you do.

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