Common Mistakes People Make While Selecting A Web Hosting Provider


The selection of a web host provider could be a daunting experience for first-time buyers. With plenty of options available, finding the right web hosting provider becomes a difficult decision for many.

The complexity of the decision-making process can lead to common errors that can cost you a lot in terms of performance, speed, and security of a website. In this article, we are sharing with you some of these mistakes to help you make an informed decision.

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Choosing a free web hosting provider

Do not opt for a free web hosting service as your site might end up in annoying and unprofessional banner ads and pop-ups. Also, in most cases, free web hosting providers are not Google-friendly.

Such service may provide you limited support, inconsistent speeds, no guaranteed uptime, etc. Look for inexpensive web hosting providers that provide superior service at a low cost.

Avoid web hosting plans that don’t guarantee a refund

If you have chosen an unsuitable package, the web host service provider should provide you a refund of your amount. Failing to check whether or not your service provides you a money-back guarantee is another mistake.

Generally, all reputable web hosting companies offer a refund policy to their customers or switch them to a more suitable package when failing to find the services as per their needs.

Making the wrong choice of web hosting service

If you run a basic business, then you should opt for shared hosting. But if you have a growing business with a huge amount of traffic daily, then it is a big mistake to choose shared hosting. In that scenario, VPS hosting would be the appropriate web hosting choice for you.

Making a decision solely based on the price factor

The price of the service is a major consideration but not the only consideration to decide whether or not to buy a particular service. Don’t settle for a cheap hosting package just because it fits within your budget.

There are several more factors that you should consider along with the price. These include security, reliability, speed, uptime, customer support, etc. A good web hosting provider whose services excel in all these areas may charge you a little more than the mediocre level service.

Not gaining proper information about the web host provider.

To be on the safer side and enjoy uninterrupted hosting service, you need to check with your potential web host about the following things before you sign up for a contract:

  • Maintain multiple POP/IMAP accounts
  • Add statistics to the account
  • Install a WordPress plugin of your choice
  • Permission to use a shopping cart on the website
  • Number of items that are allowed for listing on the e-commerce website
  • Scheduling a data backup
  • Customer support if any issues happen during day and night. It is important to ensure that their customer service is easily and quickly accessible through phone, live chat, and email for resolving your website concerns.

It is also important to learn about the quality of support they offer. Reading reviews about the web host on credible review websites will help in getting clarity about their services and support quality.


In addition to avoiding the above mistakes, it is required that you scrutinize terms and conditions. Look for a web service that you can scale easily to match the pace of your business. With too tight restrictions and limitations, you may harm your website performance while fixing the situation.

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