3d Product Configurator: 5 Reasons Every Ecommerce Company Should Use It


The 3D product configurator, an innovative digital tool, helps e-commerce businesses increase revenue. It allows retailers and manufacturers to overcome the challenges of creating, promoting, and selling products.

What is a virtual 3D configurator then? It is usually a software program that allows you to customize products for online shops. Sometimes configurators can also be used in-store, in which case they are displayed in interactive displays. Clients can create their version of the merchandise design by using a 3D configurator.

These possibilities can help manufacturers overcome many of their difficulties from a business standpoint. This includes poor reviews from clients, cart abandonment, high returns rates, low sales, stock overload, and many other problems. These problems often occur because shoppers are unable to understand the product’s design through pictures and descriptions on websites. They either don’t buy or are disappointed when the product arrives because they have envisioned it differently.

With a 3D product configurator, it’s possible to avoid such unpleasant outcomes. How can this be? Find out more!

  1. The Product Configurator Improves Customer Experience

The 3D configurator offers wide customization possibilities for goods so buyers can create exactly what they desire. How does it work? A base CG model is shown to the shoppers with many options. The prospects can easily modify the item to suit their needs and preferences in just a few clicks

  1. Co-Design Platforms Shorten The Sales Cycle

A customer will be able to learn about the merchandise after she has spent some time playing with the 3D product configurator. She will be able to ask far fewer questions or not have to speak with a sales representative about an item. This reduces the number of transactional calls and shortens sales cycles. The buyer doesn’t need to wait for anyone to give her information about the purchase. Everything is available in the interactive configurator.

  1. Product Configurators Decrease Return Rates

Virtual configurator is helping e-commerce companies to reduce their online returns by up to 80%. 3D product configurator can help prospects make better decisions and take quicker decisions. Because they can accurately explore the product and gain a thorough understanding of its features before they make a purchase, customers feel more confident in their decision. Co-design platforms use 3D models to present products to customers in a more accurate way than traditional photos. As mentioned, shoppers can learn a lot more about the goods by designing them in a configurator.

  1. Configuration Tools Allow You To Track Customer Behavior

A successful ecommerce company will be able to understand customers’ behavior. A 3D product configurator is built into the shop’s website. This allows you to do exactly that. It’s interactive and encourages shoppers to take action, which can then be tracked and analyzed.

Online retailers can track the number of people using 3D Product Visualization, configuration tools to create personalized items; their time spent using them, their preferred design, and many other things. This information can be combined with other marketing data like conversion and return rates and traffic to provide a solid basis for analysis.

  1. Custom 3D Product Configuration Cuts Stock Expenses

A poor selection of products is not enough to satisfy modern customers. To be successful in the market, brands need to offer a wide range of products to suit every taste. However, there is one problem: Having a large selection of goods can lead to high storage costs.

A 3D product configurator can help avoid this problem. This tool can be used by companies to show a variety of options in a digital space. The products can then be ordered only once the buyer has viewed them via a configurator. This means that items will no longer need to be produced and kept in stock.