What Does It Mean by Having A ‘Mild’ Case Of COVID-19?


Coronavirus or COVID 19 is a deadly infection that has taken the lives of several people all over the globe. It is a life-threatening disease that spreads from one person to another by coming in contact with one another. Even mild signs of COVID-19 can lead to a toll. Its symptoms can differ widely in people, ranging from loss of smell to deadly pneumonia, or even no symptoms.

Many people complain of mild symptoms at the initial stage before they get acute fever and coughing. In this article, we will learn more about the mild case of coronavirus.

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Why it is very important to treat mild symptoms at the earliest?

Around eighty percent of people show mild signs of coronavirus. These mild signs are not visible and the person may not be aware that he is infected by a coronavirus. Even before people develop serious signs, they have the potential to spread this disease to several people at once. As this disease is highly contagious, it makes it easy to spread to other people quite fast.

By the time you learn about this virus, you may have infected three people by coming in contact with them. For people who are more than sixty years old are more susceptible to get infected and die from the infection.

What are the mild symptoms that can turn serious?

At the starting phase, the person will begin to get cough and extreme fatigue. Then the temperature will increase beyond 98.4°F and can be accompanied by shivering. Your lungs may start to feel weird after a few days. You may also find that your lips, toes, and fingers were tinged blue.

This is the indication of something serious and you would need the assistance of the local emergency room. Though you may test negative for the virus infection, but X-rays will indicate pneumonia.

What can be the repercussions if the symptoms are not timely treated? 

It doesn’t take much for mild symptoms to take a serious form. Without even knowing, the virus can easily get transmitted to people and can develop severe illness in the person. The situation can be so severe that it can lead to hospitalization, and can also cause death in the person. It is important to get tested to cure yourself at an early stage.

People who have a good immune system can recover from the illness soon. It is important to practice social distancing, wear face masks, and work on increasing your defense mechanism to remain healthy and uninfected.


Around eighty percent of cases are projected to be mild. Despite being mild, these symptoms can take a major form in less time. This can lead to disastrous consequences, not just that person but also society. With efficient protective measures symptoms, one can resolve these “mild” symptoms at home.

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